Hairy Face – Part 2

June 25, 2007

Over the weekend I decided it was time to remove the furry growth from my upper lip. One of my last posts mentioned that i would be trying out different methods of hair removal on various parts of my body. For my lady tash I decided to try Veet hair removal cream so I went and purchased a tube from my local chemist.

Its dead simple to use, all i had to do was to make sure my skin was make-up free and slap some of the cream on the area. I left the cream on for about 6mins and then wiped it off with a damp cloth.

The smell of the cream was not very nice. Infact it smelt disgusting! At least I only had to put up with the stink for a few mins but it was right below my nostrils which made it even stronger!
Towards the end of the treatment time I felt my skin begin to tingle. I started to panic that I might end up with red marks on my top lip (which would have looked worse than fine hair) so that’s why I removed the cream. Any longer and I think it might have burnt the top layer of my skin off!!

Really easy to use.
Most of the hair came away easily and I was left with a smooth, hair free top lip.

Now I am wandering if I will have stubble when the hair begins to grow back…

All in all a very quick and easy way of removing facial hair but I was put off using the cream again on my face but the smell. Will more than likely try this on other parts of my body that need de-fuzzing!


Embarrassing Illnesses Programme

June 18, 2007

Has anyone been watching the embarrassing illnesses program on Channel 4? I decided not to watch it as I am no good at dealing with other people’s personal health issues and problems. However, my sister decided to Sky+ the first episode for me (I had told her i wasn’t going to watch it) and then made me watch the whole thing whilst round at her house the other week.

I really can’t understand why these people are putting themselves through the embarrassment of announcing to the world (or more likely just millions of people!) that they have these humiliating issues with their bodies. I think I would rather not know that some old man has had trouble with his piles for the past few years and they had got so bad that they were hanging from his bum hole. I understand that there are probably lots of people that may benefit from understanding how to resolve this problem – but JESUS – how embarrassing!!! I won’t even bother to mention the lady that went on the programme with an embarrassing odour issue down below that she had put up with for the past 3 years or so – eeuugghhhhh!!

Anyway, I was flicking through the channels the other night and came across this programme and a lady who had lots of dark patches on her skin – they called it hyperpigmentation and it’s basically where the skin produces too much melanin. This ladies condition wasn’t half as embarrassing as the others i had seen but she obviously had reasons to be conscious of her appearance. I decided to watch it for a bit as I wanted her to find a treatment.

The consultant on the programme told her that there was not cure for her condition, just a choice of treatments which would help to hide the patches on her face. This included photo sensitive prescription drugs, antihistamines and topical steroid creams, surgical removal if there is a risk of cancer developing and laser treatment.

This lady decided to go for laser treatment and I must admit that the results were fantastic. I felt so pleased for her and I reckon her life will have changed dramatically, for the better obviously. There are loads of skin and beauty clinics throughout the UK but the clinic this lady got treatment from was called sk:n. They look like a reputable company that offer loads of treatments and I think if I had skin issues (which I may get as old age creeps up on me!) I would definitely consider visiting a clinic like sk:n to see how they could help.

See their full list of treatments at

Has anyone ever been to a clinic like sk:n before? If so, please let me know what you had done and how it went.

Hair dye issues

May 22, 2007

I have always had really dark brown (almost black) hair that just recently appears to be getting lighter. Maybe its the splattering of grey hairs that are popping through that is making it look lighter but whatever it is, I’m not liking it.

I have been getting my hair dyed at my hairdressers for the past 6 yrs or so which makes my hair look really shiny and feel fab and it gets rid of the greys for about a month, which is good, but I can’t afford to be getting it dyed professionally.

So, about 8 months ago I decided to buy some hair dye and do it myself at home (with the help of Mr Katyb!). I chose the Garnier 100% Colour Intense Dark Brown 300 as it had been recommended by my sister. Its not that expensive – about £4.65 available from Wilkinsons and Superdrug etc.

Hair Colour

I was really pleased with the colour – it actually made my hair darker and reeeealy shiny. I used this dye every month and a half for the next 6 months, until recently when I started to experience some really annoying side effects. The morning after the night I last used the dye my hair was like a massive ball of static mess. Every time I brushed my hair it would stand on end – it was really annoying and completely uncontrollable. I have since been to the hairdressers and mentioned it to him (he doesn’t like me using at home dye kits by the way) and he said that using the same product over and over can result in a build up of product which is probably why my hair was so uncontrollable.

I need to find a new at home hair dye very soon. I can’t handle watching myself go grey! Arrrgghhhhh!

Hairy face

May 22, 2007

Is it true that the older you get, the hairier you get?

If it is true, I really need to start thinking about what I am going to do. There are so many different treatments and creams that remove hair either temporarliy or permanantly that I just don’t know where to start.

So, I am going to use what I consider to be the easiest method first.

Veet hair removal cream:

Veet Hair Removal Cream

I am going to give this a go on my lady tash!

No7 Wonder Cream?

May 21, 2007

Touch wood, I don’t have any wrinkles yet, but I am sure they are not far off. Having just turned 30, I have started to think about how to prevent lines and wrinkles appearing on my face. I am presuming that prevention is better and easier than treatment, so i need to find myself some effective anti wrinkle cream to try.

The first cream that springs to mind (mainly because of all the recent media hype) is the Boots No7 Protect & Perfect Beauty Serum.

No7 Protect & Perfect

They say that this cream is the best wrinkle cream on the market. It was launched 4 yrs ago but due to a recent episode of BBC’s Hoizon programme which endorsed the serum, sales of the product have apparently risen by 2000%. Shelves were recently restocked and loads of crazy people queued for hours to try to grab a bottle of the wonder lotion and due to the high demand, Boots decided to ration buyers to one bottle per purchase. Once stocks have been replenished, you’ll be looking at forking out £16.95 per bottle, which, if it holds back the signs of aging, in my opinion is worth every penny.

I haven’t managed to get my mitts on a bottle of this yet but once I do, I will report back and let you know if i look any younger!

I need some serious help

May 21, 2007

You know those days where you feel absolutely disgusting, your hair looks scruffy, your skin is dry, you feel like you have put on 10lbs over the weekend and all you want to do is stay in bed for the next week… Well I seem to be having one of those days everyday at the mo.

So, with Summer approaching fast, (and the fact that I’m not getting any younger), I thought I would try to get myself looking and feeling better, but i realised there are so many products and treatments out there that i don’t really have a clue where to start.

I have decided therefore to find out what products and treatments will help me to look and feel better and I am going to let you know what they are and if i manage to try them out I will let you know what i think.

Right I am off to find out how to improve the condition of my skin. I’ll be looking and feeling “10 years younger” in no time (i hope!).